Valentine’s data crunch: the social low-down on this year’s trends

By if-admin | February 14, 2013


The most romantic week of the year is upon us once again.

The cards are stocked, the roses reduced and the restaurants ready for their annual influx of covers.

But what can the world of social tell us about Valentine’s Day in 2013. Is this a year of carefree romance or seasoned frugality? Champers or chocolates? And cheap frills or luxury lace?

A quick and dirty dive into Topsy’s Social Analytics offers a glimpse into the answer.

#Valentines data crunching: Intimate dinners trumped romantic, Valentines weekends away


#Valentines data crunching: slap-up meals 13% more popular than cooking at home


#Valentines data crunching: old fashioned flowers still 45% more popular than chocolates and fizz


#Valentines data crunching: Ann Summers beats Agent Provocateur in battle of the briefs


Data courtesy of:

Topsy Social Analytics, measuring keyword mentions on Twitter between February 6 – 13th 2013
Image courtesy of:

Wikimedia Commons, Tree decorated for Valentine’s Day in San Diego, California, by Johntex under a  GNU Free Documentation License

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