Why videos are important to your digital strategy

By if-admin | July 2, 2013

Videos are now becoming much more of a focus for brands within their digital strategy. And with good reason too! A study in 2012 found that social engagement in videos increased by 28% to 70% compared to 2011! It also showed that social media users are twice as likely to engage with video content than content without a video!

Generating videos can be a challenge though, taking a lot of time and money to produce. However, with new tools available, videos can simply be created at the click of a button!

You may have seen a lot of news recently around the new Vine app, plus a new video function from Instagram, or a new platform generating a lot of attention, called Keek? But what are each of these and are brands using them?



  • What is it? Vine is a new tool from Twitter, which lets you quickly and easily shoot a 6 second clip using your mobile. This is perfect in a time when you need to catch people’s attention in a very short space of time.
  • Are brands using it? Although this is a new tool, there are already some companies experimenting with it! Take a look Urban Outfitters, ASOS and Dove, who have already set-up their own accounts and created some fun clips!

Instagram Video

  • What is it? We all know Instagram as an image sharing platform, however, owners Facebook, have recently launched an additional feature, allowing you to shoot short video clips too (15 seconds long). You still have all the features of Instagram too, so you can even apply filters to your video clips. At its peak, 40 hours of videos were uploaded every minute, which is an astonishing amount of engagement in such a short amount of time!
  • Are brands using it? Brands have jumped in to try this new feature, even though it only went live last week. Amongst some of the first adopters were Burberry, Lululemon, Jeep and Gap!


  • What is it? Keek has been around a little longer and currently has over 45 million users. It allows you to shoot 36 second long clips via your mobile device and upload to the site, where you can comment on and share content. Reports show that 85% of its users are between the ages of 18 and 25, and 69% of its users are female.
  • Are brands using it? While it doesn’t currently have large brands on the network, it has a number of celebrities ranking at the top, so it is definitely one to keep a close eye on!

Have you tried any of these platforms for your company, or seen good examples of other brands that have been experimenting with them? Leave us a comment with your experiences!

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