View your Instagram Stories… On Facebook?


You read the title correctly, some Facebook users have been allowed the option to choose if they want to view Instagram stories on their Facebook feed.


The Instagram Story spears on your Facebook Stories feed with the IG rainbow border to differentiate from Facebook’s own Stories.


Matt Navarra shared a screenshot by @ec_wife that outlines the new experience, which was then confirmed by Facebook;



However, it isn’t as straight forward as you would think. You need to be connected to that person who’s Story you wish to view on both Instagram and Facebook and the user must have their account connected to Facebook. Most likely meaning the only people whose Stories you will be viewing are those you’re already connected to on both apps, which is very much like Instagram’s “close friends” options.


This “new” experience feels a little pointless to me – and far more hassle than it’s worth, however, I assume for some, who use Facebook more than Instagram, would be another way to stay connected and up to date with what their friends and family are posting.


What are your thoughts on this? Is it a good move, or an unnecessary add on? Do you like your social media experiences separated or do you prefer them all in one? Let us know!


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