The battle between Vine and Instagram for video sharing supremacy is heating up with Vine upping the ante with brand new updates. Yesterday, Twitter’s mobile video service announced that it had gained several new features designed to make the user experience smoother.

The update is the biggest in the app’s history with improvements to the following areas:


  • A grid to make creating shots easier
  • A “ghost” mode, which shows people where they stopped recording last by overlaying a faded version of the previously recorded shot onto the frame


  • Vine has introduced 15 different genres, such as comedy, cats (yes seriously!), music, and nature to make searching for videos simpler
  • They have also introduced an “On the Rise” category, which allows you to check out people who are gaining popularity on Vine


  • The biggest update is the new functionality to “Re-vine” videos, allowing Vine users to share videos in their feed to their own set of followers
  • Vine has now provided the option to allow your video to be seen by only people who users select to see

This new update comes within a few weeks of Instagram unveiling their video sharing functionality. Instagram’s video length is 15 seconds, with the ability to put coloured filters on the video as well as the ability to delete your last clip. However, the new updates show that Vine are more than ready to meet and compete with the supposed threat of video on Instagram!

Image courtesy Esther Vargas Vine, Twitter Flickr under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic license 

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