Vine: Watch This Space

I’m sure you’ve probably heard murmurings about Vine, Twitter’s new video-sharing app, which arrived on the social media scene at the end of last week. There has already been lots of excitement around the new app, which is being dubbed the Instagram of video.

Twitter’s 500 milllion users can now create 6 second videos at the touch of a button; filming either an unbroken piece of footage, or splicing together several shots over a 6 second period.

Although it seems there are mixed emotions towards the ‘looping’ quality that users can achieve with Vine this is, in my opinion, what really makes it addictive. Daniel Terdiman makes some interesting observations and criticisms about the new app in his article on Cnet – I recommend having a read. What struck me as most interesting is that Daniel forsees a whole community of people emerging who “will coalesce around interesting, innovative Vines” – I must agree with him. The artistic quality of Vine videos is undeniable: they look cool.

I like Vine. I think it’s fun, accessible and engaging. The 6-second time cap will mean that users are forced to create innovative, snappy videos. The app also brings an exciting new dimension to Twitter without much effort required from the user.

I can certainly see the opportunity for brands here too. Clever marketers will dream up creative, sharp videos – perfect for illustrating the ‘fun’ side of a brand or business. Opportunities not to be missed include: talking directly to your community, publishing consumer endorsements and quirky advertising.

Gap have been quick off the mark to experiment with the new app:

As video becomes increasingly integral I watch this space with avid interest.  Will this be the next big thing in video? Perhaps, however there is competition from Facebook, who have just updated the iOS app so that users can now record and share videos all from within the app.

Brands, it might be time to start thinking about how Vine could work for you…

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