Photography has become huge, with 10% of photos in the history of the world being taken in the last 12 months! But do you know how important photos are to your online presence?

Photographidemic: It

by klynnetrabue.
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Not only are there millions of photos flying around online, but reports have shown that images have 94% more views than posts with no image. This is even more reason for businesses to take notice and react! Does your social media strategy focus on visual content?

More and more sites are putting visual content at the forefront, from Flickr, Facebook, Instragram, Pinterest and many more! And they’re not standing still…

  • On Monday Facebook launched a new group gallery feature, allowing galleries to have multiple contributors, for easier sharing of images. Find out more about this new feature here.
  • Also on Monday, Instragram said that they are focusing on a wider strategy, away from just filters. They have initially added a feature allowing you to straighten your photos, however, this is just the start on their strategy, focusing on more professional users who want to provide better quality images. Find out more here.

Need some inspiration? Take a look at a few of these examples of companies who are embracing visual content on social media:

Do you have a limited resource of images to use? Take a look here at a list of free sources!

Make sure your business is thinking about how to integrate visual content into your strategy. And let us know your experiences of using visual content for better engagement!

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