VR Technology the new AR?

By if-admin | September 26, 2019
Earlier this year, we discussed how the introduction of AR on platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram is a real game-changer. The interactivity levels skyrocketed and we saw a new way consumers engage with social media and create content.
Fast forward to now, and Instagram has promoted its integration with Spark AR allowing creators and users to publish their own variation of AR features with little technical knowledge. Facebook now takes a deeper dive into the world of AR with its collaboration with Occulus. The latest development allows users to have self-tracking hands within the platform which is almost a step to seamless VR tracking of avatars.
Although slightly niche, a crazy designer with a passion for sports like myself would remember the times FIFA had their own independent VR venture. We all had real fanboy excitement at the possibility of our faces being scanned and our replica avatars running through the player story mode. Hearts were quickly broken with the realisation that technology wasn’t advanced enough to make us how we wished and it was more of a laugh to see how bad the actual avatars looked when completing the process.
The market is wide open to the opportunity of bringing these developments to the customisation of hardcore gaming. However, the casual gaming approach seems to be the current venture for many as it minimises risk and complications. But maybe the casual gamer isn’t the real mass market? The hardcore gamers would love to see their friends face when running skirmishes in Call of Duty or celebrating a freekick against an online friend. With competitive gaming on the forefront of big businesses worldwide, our experts are paying attention to see which popular advanced game will be the first to fully immerse themselves with the latest VR capabilities.
The latest hand-tracking proves a high progression curve for technology and the market has to be aware of what is to come with the rest of VR’s integration and growing community.

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