Want your content to succeed on LinkedIn? Go visual

LinkedIn has gone visual. With the introduction of the feature a few months ago to allow companies to post presentations, images and videos on company page, LinkedIn is clearly embracing the shift towards visual content.

We all know that LinkedIn is an effective social media network for B2B audiences, but how much? A recent study, the B2B Content Marketing Report, found that 85% of respondents consider LinkedIn an effective social media network for reaching and engaging B2B audiences. But interestingly, more people are shifting towards visual content and video, with 73% of respondents viewing YouTube as an effective platform, up from 53% last year.

LinkedIn themselves have released a new report on this and packaged it using Slideshare, which shows just how powerful visual platforms are at displaying content and being easier for users to digest.

In LinkedIn’s 15-point plan on creating the perfect company page posts, these three statistics stood out:

  • Including links in your LinkedIn updates drive twice the engagement as those without
  • Images in your posts result in a 98% higher comment rate
  • Embedding YouTube videos in your posts results in a 75% higher share rate

Impressive statistics indeed. But every company is different, and there is no guarantee that the same formula will work for every two businesses. With that in mind, here are my top 3 tips for posting on LinkedIn:

  1. Every post must have a link and a strong call-to-action: Consider the goal of each post: What do you want the user to do? Where do you want them to go?
  2. Tell a story: This is where images come in. There needs to be a clear strategy with your posting. Each post should follow a clear theme and use high quality, original images and media that back this up.
  3. Test, Test and Retest: The only way to see what really works is through analytics. Track what time of day, images, tone of voice etc, resonate best with your audience and get the most engagement and click-throughs. Only then can you have a full idea of what type of content and images really work for you.

Share your tips for LinkedIn posts with me by leaving a comment below!

Slideshare: 15 Tips for Compelling Company Updates on LinkedIn from LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

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