We are falling for data

With only 3 weeks to go for the most romantic day of 2023, we can feel the love in the air! So we’ve done some digging through Brandwatch and GWI to unearth key insights around purchase behaviours, most discussed topics, and trends. Curious to know what we discovered? Keep reading! 👇

What can we expect?

Data from 2022 states that gift-giving on Valentine’s Day is a priority for the majority of celebrants (70%), with 35% of UK consumers planning to buy gifts for Valentine’s Day, compared to 41% for Christmas!

A box of chocolate may no longer be enough to satisfy a lover on the big day 👀 even if it arrives in a heart-shaped box.

Will the cost of living affect gift-giving this year?

Looking ahead to 2023, it’s not just the traditional gifts that will drive Valentine’s Day spending.

One thing is for sure: personalised gifts are a trend 👉In 2022 the hashtag #handmade got 1.2 million impressions, and this year this hashtag has already been retweeted 56 times getting more than 1.1 million impressions.

Let’s be honest! It’s the thought that counts, and who doesn’t like a well-tough gift…

And with the cost of living crisis, we all have to get creative. According to GWI:

“Consumers Remain Committed to Gift-Giving, but become more price-conscious.”

  • 6% will not buy gifts if prices increase,
  • 25% will look for cheaper alternatives,
  • 20% will do more research,
  • 18% will purchase cheaper substitutes,
  • and 19% will still buy the item despite the price increase.

And that’s not all: The Stowe claims 66.5% of people fear the cost-of-living crisis will negatively impact their relationship in the future, and it’s not just established couples that are feeling the financial strain — 22% of Millennials are going into debt from dating as everything gets more expensive – from date night outfits and flowers to fancy restaurants and pricey attractions.

Let us help you to break the boring “gifting” and be unique for your loved one this year!

If your other half is a hopeless romantic like us, “A Dozen Reasons I Love You” will be the perfect gift. Grab a paper and a pen and start writing!

How about surprising you with a romantic dinner at home? and if you don’t know how to cook, you can always get your partner’s favourite takeaway.

And if this doesn’t tickle your pickle, TikTok is your best friend on this occasion!

If you want to know more purchase behaviour insights, contact us today!

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