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SMB’s are taking over Social Media

New research shows that 90% of small business owners have some sort of presence on social media, and that they are beginning to increase their involvement. In studies done by 5starControl, results show that small businesses are “keener on going online to social marketing platforms to help promote their businesses”, because they simply cannot afford to ignore the increasing power of social media.

Brands and Social Media

One of the points that the featured companies and followers of BlogWell seemed to constantly emphasise was that the main focus of companies when using social media should be honest.  Harry Gold’s article for Clickz.com last week talks about how important it is for brands to have the human factor in order to be likeable.  Gold argues that social media is the “absolute right place to show the human side of your company” and, that “your company is made of real people who have lives, work hard, and care about their customers.”

Brands paying for positive reviews

Social’s growing influence of social media reviews, brands are looking for new ways to swing the barometer of positive opinion their way. The latest seems to be buying favour with key bloggers and reviewers. It looks as though 10-15 of all reviews will be paid for going forward. Consumers will have to think twice before taking a review at face value…


Women are from Pintrest

Pew researchers have been looking closely at social media usage and discovered some interesting demographic information on Pintrest, Instagram and Tumblr. Pintrest is mostly used by women and 27% of internet users between 18 and 29 use Instagram. Picture that…

Jeff Bullas on Facebook

Jeff Bullas blog has some clever examples of how brands are coming up with various ingenious ways to market themselves on Facebook for encouraging engagement and marketing purposes. Bullas’ post describe these examples of having ‘unlimited potential’

Do any of these inspire you?

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