We’re All Out of Crops

By Katy Howell | May 11, 2021

Yes, I absolutely did say that! And don’t worry farmers, this has nothing to do with you lot, I promise.


After years of our photos and artwork being subjected to weird cropping, Twitter has FINALLY rolled out their new image display for mobile, and let me tell you, it’s a total *chef’s kiss* moment.


I’ve yet to hear any nay say on this new display, in fact, I feel like instead of mindlessly scrolling and not clicking to see a photo, I’m now actually stopping to admire posts whose details would have been hidden due to major cropping.


This is great for creatives wanting to share their work who create in portrait, not having to adhere to specific sizes for people to view their work, and it’s also a better way to take up more of the screen with a visual.


Whilst some people might be worried about Twitter engagement (audience not having to click on the image to view) I feel like this actually presents a better way for engagement – as most of us are much more likely to like, comment, or share if we can see the full image right in front of us.


Just me? I’ve definitely found myself liking WAY more tweets because of this.


Either way, a definite positive for Twitter in my books and I’d love to see this implemented on to desktop.


What do you think? Were you happy with Twitter’s image crop or are you enjoying being able to view the full image without having to *open for surprise*?


Marketers, what are your thoughts? Will it impact engagement or is this a breath of fresh air for your posts?

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