What are Snapcodes and how can I use them?


You might have noticed twitter is full of ghosts. You might have asked ‘Why?’ or ‘Who am I going to call?’ well I can tell you, Snapchat is why.

An ever growing number of users are utilising Snapcodes to migrate Twitter followers over to Snapchat and with 100 million daily active users Snapchat is now a serious contender in the battle for share of the world’s social media users.

Since its inception Snapchat has lacked the power to connect its users effectively, not providing a way for users to discover each other (except a few recommended channels) within the app. All that changed recently with the creation of Snapcodes, a form of QR code created within your Snapchat profile to help people follow you.

QR codes. That’s right. Snapchat literally raised QR codes from the beyond to haunt the web forever.

This resurrection of the long dead barcodes signals a new era of interconnected users for Snapchat. You can now create a Snapcode within your profile, put it pretty much anywhere and anyone who scans it with their Snapchat app automatically becomes a new follower.

You can even download a vector format graphic of your Snapcode, meaning it can be made any size and put on anything from a business card to the side of a bus.

But wait, there’s more!

Snapcodes can be customised. Within the ghost part of the image you can add anything you like, including a photo.

To create your own Snapcode simply tap the ghost at the top of the camera view in Snapchat.

The opportunities Snapchat offers Social Media Marketing are vast but still limited in a number of ways. On one side it’s a great channel to hit the 18 – 24 year old demographic but on the other we are limited as Snapchat only allows users to view content for a limited amount of time before it disappears forever.

By using Snapchat to entice your audience into finding out more about an upcoming product launch, coupon promotion, contest or event, you get the message to your audience whilst utilising followers from other social networks or (with Snapcodes) any other marketing channel.

Don’t shy away from driving followers to Snapchat from other channels, it can only enhance their experience and cement their loyalty.


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