What exactly is the message Facebook Messenger is putting out?


Facebook Messenger’s had an interesting month. It literally failed to deliver twice in the last month as it inexplicably went down. There’s been some firm conversation around the kids’ app that’s worth keeping an eye on, and intriguingly, for an avid ‘bayer such as myself, it’s integrating PayPal through a chat extension.

Is there too much going on? Something massive in the pipeline, or, as seen, simply a succession of extensions, tweaks and updates causing an accidental outage?

It looks like Facebook is looking to get drenched in as many revenue streams as possible, and slowly, the infrastructure is building to accommodate business propositions, as well as at a base level, being simply another communication tool.

Pinterest have stepped off their platform, and looked around to find ways to entice new users to join them. If you’re sharing its content via Messenger, it’s now becoming a more seamless experience. When pin-sharing, it won’t look like you’re hopping from one platform to another.

Also, businesses are exploring Click-to-Messenger ads — a simple tool that allows you to instantly engage a lead on the Facebook Messenger platform, and there’s now wider availability of its Customer Chat service.

But back to PayPal. The Messenger extension allows PayPal sellers who use it for eBay or retail businesses, to invoice buyers directly through private messaging. However, it also tees up nicely to work with Marketplace and the Buy & Sell groups. It seems as though their relationship is going from strength-to-strength.

So, if there’s ever any teething problems with the service’s offerings it’s simple; don’t shoot the Messenger. It’s got a hell of a lot to deliver.

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