What Facebook has done in just 7 days

Facebook’s been busy trying to conquer everything and everyone it seems in the last 7 days taking on everyone from Netflix, Google and Internet service providers. As well as updating its core platform and back end metrics all in the aim to diversify and improve its product offering. Check out what Facebook has done this since this year’s summer solstice. 

Facebook hits 2 Billion users

Facebook has reached two billion users making it the largest social app in terms of logged-in users, beating YouTube’s 1.5 billion, WeChat’s 889 million, Twitter’s 328 million and Snapchat’s estimated 255 million (Techcrunch). Facebooks growth is good news for advertisers and content creators, and I can only see this number growing with their plans to provide free internet.

Aquila drone

Facebook has quietly completed a test flight n Arizona of an experimental solar-powered drone designed to provide worldwide Internet access. This comes after an earlier attempt ended with a crash landing. (Gaurdian)

When this technology is finally perfected it will open up doors for both the populations of developing countries and the businesses wanting to reach them.

Although there is controversy surrounding the matter, it may change the lives of estimated 4 billion that still don’t have access to the web.

Facebook greenlights two new original series

Facebook has upped the ante in its quest to take on Netflix and Youtube and is filming two new pieces of original content.  (Rueters)

In addition to the new original content, Facebook has also been looking at streaming of live sports events like UEFA Champions League soccer matches.

This is good news for Facebook advertisers who could see their ads dynamically being shown to relevant audiences at the fraction of the price of TV advertising.

Facebook launches a wifi finder

Pubs and coffee shops that don’t offer WiFi better think twice as the Facebook app has a new WiFi finder feature.  

This could provide much-needed footfall for both small and large businesses that rely on footfall to their stores. All businesses have to do to register their WiFi availability, is top opt in the Facebook Page Setting. (CNET)

Facebook has introduced new reporting metrics

After last years metrics fiasco and fierce pressure from advertisers, Facebook has been making efforts to regain credibility.

Their most important new metric ‘Landing pages views’ shows advertisers how many users made it to their mobile landing page after clicking on an ad. Which Is problem that has plagued the platform for a long time, with some advertisers including myself seeing drop-offs of up to 90% between people clicking on a Facebook Ad and actually landing on a Mobile site. (Business Insider)

It seems that Facebook has no plans to slow down its aggressive growth strategy into new markets and cement itself as one of the biggest advertising platforms in the world. So what’s your favourite new Facebook update?

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