What is Going On?!

It’s happening again. Instagram is testing a new algorithm and it will completely change the way followers will consume the content on this app bringing videos more to the front and centre of the platform screen, changing the feed layout.

Let’s go through the new Instagram layout update.

With reels taking priority on Instagram’s home feed, both video and photo will be reformatted to take up more space on the screen, making everything longer with blurred borders in the background.

Adam Mosseri explains in his video that this test is all about Instagram learning from how users respond to the changes, good or bad.

Link: https://www.instagram.com/p/CdGwum5AWk7/

While not all users are sold on the potential change, moving to video first will likely make the Instagram algorithm more tailored to users’ interests.

But, what do users think of it?

Here are some opinions after the announcement:

“I don’t love it. It feels a bit crowded and too hard to comment / meaningfully engage.” – @blairimani

“I don’t like it. If I wanted a TikTok style feed, I would go to TikTok. Instead of copying what other successful platforms are doing, why can’t Instagram stick in its lane and iterate on what makes it best? Captions and Images.” – @danieldivenere

“Love for content to take up more screen. But Missin the love for photos. It’s why we started using this platform.” – @hebercannon

What do you think of this new update?

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