What the +?!


Since it’s inception Google+ hasn’t had the greatest cut through compared to the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram when it comes to the world of creatives. However, the tables are turning and Google+ is starting to enjoy further mainstream success as yet another channel for us to enjoy. No suits required.

If you’re still unconvinced, here a few more reasons why you should be embracing Google+.

Everyone’s on Facebook

For those aspiring to do something creative and original, you probably shouldn’t follow what ‘everyone’ is doing. If you’re looking for that amazing creative job, don’t look in the same place as everyone else. If you’re running a creative business, you wouldn’t design products or services for ‘everyone’. You’re more than washing powder, so appeal to a discerning crowd… Just remember in 2007 ‘everyone’ had never heard of Twitter.

Meet people who share your passion

Google+ has become a place where curious, creative, enthusiastic people are talking, sharing and exploring ideas together. It’s not a place for broadcasting to ‘everyone’, or for keeping in touch with people you’ve known since you were a kid. However, it is a place to make connections and have conversation with people who can open doors in your mind, career or business. Take this piece of advice from Guy Kawasaki who gives an excellent summary of the differences between Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

Twitter = Perspectives: Twitter is great for getting or sending immediate perspectives on news and events. In other words, if you want to learn that there was an earth quake in Chile before CNN and you like getting updates from Chileans at ground zero, then Twitter is for you. In short, Twitter is for real-time perspectives.

Facebook = People: Facebook is the way to learn what’s going on in the lives of people you already know. It’s great for learning that their cat rolled over, that they went to a great party, or that they got drunk, had kids or went on a five star holiday. In short, Facebook is for people.

Google = Passions: Google+ enables you to pursue your passions with people you don’t know. Your fifty friends and family on Facebook likely do not share your passion for photography, but on Google+ you can connect with a community of photographers. In short, Google+ is for passions.

Whatever your passion, you should be able to find other people on Google+ who share it.

Finally, Google+ is a fantastic platform for sharing creative media.

Forget the endless noise of your newsfeed, this channel gives you clean white space framing the images, with video and text posted by your contacts. And circles make it easy to focus on the topics you’re interested in, whatever your mood.

Are you on Google+ yet?

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