What You Need to Know About Social Live Stream 

GlobalWebIndex has reported that 29% of total internet users have used a live streaming option on social media, and 13% have watched a live gaming stream. These figures alone tell us that live streaming is the new mode to watch – and that marketers needed to weave it into their strategy, like yesterday. 

Before you start (if you haven’t already), we’ve answered some key questions that can frame your live stream activities. Here we go: 

What’s the average demographic of a live streamer?

Because of its easily digestible nature, live streaming appeals to a broad demographic, with 63% of people aged 18 to 34 and 20% of people aged 35 to 65 watching live streaming content regularly.

While this doesn’t narrow down much, it does tell us that your target demographic is likely to engage with you via live stream – yet another reason to jump on the bandwagon. 

How do live streamers want to engage with brands?

One of the biggest advantages of live stream is that users are engaging with brands like never before. Live stream has unearthed a unique perspective for users – they now have a backstage pass. According to techjury, 87% of audiences would prefer to watch online vs. on TV if it means more behind-the-scenes content.

This new, up-close relationship has led to a surge in engagement with 18% of audiences providing ideas for a new product/design, 19% sharing a brand’s post on social media, and 20% interacting with a brand on a messaging app.

How do live streamers feel online experiences compare to real life?

According to App Annie, consumers spend 50% of their time on mobile in social apps, with user-generated video streaming apps like TikTok blurring the lines between social and real life. 

Simply put, live streams are filling the void left by cancelled events and are substituting real-world counterparts.

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