What’s turning your followers off… and what you can do to keep them!


Your audience on social media can be a fickle, and tricky one to crack. But it’s a quest worth fighting for! Did you know an astonishing 47% of people who follow brands on social are more likely to visit the company’s website? Precisely why it’s important to keep your audience captivated, to ensure your brand isn’t bypassed by your online audience like two ships passing in the night.

Get to know your target audience – find out what turns them on, what turn them off, how do they like to consume content, where they prefer to spend their time online, how do they interact with your brand? After a full analysis of what makes your customer tick, feed them with the stories they like, wherever they like it, to keep your followers glued to your updates. If a brand fails to hold on to the interest of their consumer, 21% said that they would unfollow brand as a result of boring and repetitive content.

And a sporadic post here or there just won’t do. Feed the fire that is your social audience to keep it burning. Avoid being seen as a broadcast channel, only to advertise your business/ products. Why? Well 45% of people would unfollow a brand on social media, reporting that self-promotional pitches were a pet peeve.

For more results from the survey conducted by Fractl and Buzzstream, check out their revealing infographic below.

We here at immediate future have also created our very own little infographic of social media faux pas to avoid – see it here.

What tips do you have to keep your social followers hooked to your brand and messaging? Leave your comments below, or tweet us @iftweeter



Source: Fractl and BuzzStream.

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