Who Is She?!


As I sat here on a Sunday evening, you can imagine my surprise when I realised that Made in Chelsea season 11 had started last Monday and I actually missed the first episode! How could this be?! I mean, I knew it was due to start soon but for some reason, it must have slipped my mind where I was obviously focusing on other important things this week like my new job and buying a house.

It got me thinking…why am I so hooked to this programme and the people in it? Why do I care about which restaurants and bars they go to? Why do I love to see their clothing and accessories? And more importantly, why would I be more encouraged to buy a product if they were to endorse it? These are after all, just normal people, going about their everyday lives, which just happens to be filmed…

No-one can argue the rise of reality TV and the supposed ‘stars’ it has produced. It is hard to ignore on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter the endorsements of everything from makeup and beauty products, to fashion ranges, accessories and health food and diets. I myself, admittedly have succumbed to their ‘pull factor’ but why is that?

Reality stars are seemingly more accessible and appealing because consumers feel like they have a connection to them. They watch them frequently and seem to have a ‘real’ understanding of their lives through social media channels. This authenticity is what consumers respond to and in very appealing to marketers. It probably isn’t a surprise to anyone that their favorite celebrities that they follow, who happen to be posting a selfie next to a new product, is all part of a bigger marketing strategy. Celebrity endorsements is old news but the explosion of social media has shifted the practice into a different kind of territory.

In the case of Lucy Watson (long-term Made in Chelsea character) I have been following her for over a year now. I know that I love her style and taste which makes me want to ‘trust’ her opinion. Her demeanor and attitude is aligned to my own, even though our lifestyles are miles apart. I confess that I have bought the same lipstick as her simply because I loved it on her and she tweeted about it after the show!

You can be damn sure the next time she recommends a restaurant or even a drink I haven’t heard of on social, I’ll be checking it out…

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