By now, you must have heard of Prisma, the app that lets you turn any picture into instant art. If you haven’t, here’s a few reasons why should find out:

  1. It was named best app in both the Apple and the Google play stores
  2. It’s time for you to either download the app or check their Instagram page!

A little bit like Instagram, the AI app uses filters to achieve the metamorphosis from a standard selfie to an amazing Van Gogh style portrait. Right now, there are already 44 styles available, but the Russia-based company has rolled out a tool to enable its users to create their own filters.Those who claimed that Prisma was going after the artist’s paint brushes might have been right after all.


The company has launched a web-based tool that lets you create your own filters based on artistic styles or pieces of art you like most. At the moment, it’s still a web-based tool and it will take you about an hour to make your perfect filter, but the company has already announced that the filter creator would be release on mobile in a matter of months.

Along with the filter creator feature, the AI company has also launched the Prisma Store (don’t be fooled by the name, the filters are still free). The store will enable users to download and keep the filters they most enjoy out of the 44 filters already available. They can also delete the rest in a shot at making it easier for people to reach their favourite styles (as opposed to tediously scrolling through the filters).

In the near future, the user-generated filters should be available in the Prisma Store. People will be able to submit the filters they created and Prisma will select the best and make them available for download in the Prisma Store. Give your photos an artist flare by downloading the app today.

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