Why Brands Are Getting Account-Based Marketing All Wrong

For B2B brands, account-based marketing is key to its marketing and sales for several reasons. To name a few – ABM puts the emphasis on individual prospects or existing accounts, has a huge potential for return on investment and often shortens the sales cycle.

So, what’s holding B2B marketers back from yielding the results they anticipated? Often, it comes down to the fact that the campaigns are housed in the Marketing Department from cradle to grave with little or no input from Sales.

Marketing should hold a key function when deploying ABM campaigns. They should be responsible for creating compelling content that addresses the specific pain points that their target audience faces. They should not, however, be the ones to identify those specific pain points. This should happen in Sales, as they’re the ones living and breathing their offerings. Moreover, the target accounts need to be identified in the Sales department because, again, they’re the ones with the best visibility.

In reality, ABM should stand for “account-based model.” Meaning that the campaigns should be a joint effort of equal parts between sales and marketing.

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