Why Brands Should Get Social on YouTube

Why Brands Should Get Social on YouTube

When you think of social media platforms, Meta and TikTok probably come to mind first. But what about YouTube? While YouTube is primarily known as a video-sharing platform, it has been steadily incorporating more social features, transforming it into a hybrid space that brands should not ignore. Here’s why YouTube should be utilised as a social network just like any other social media channel.

Traditionally, YouTube has been viewed as a repository for videos where users could upload, share, and view content. Interaction was limited to comments, likes, and shares, giving it a less dynamic social presence compared to other platforms. However, over the past year, YouTube has made significant strides in enhancing its social capabilities.

One of the most notable changes is the expansion of Community Posts. This feature allows channel managers to post text updates, images, GIFs, and polls directly to their subscribers’ feeds. Initially, this feature was only available to channels with significant followings, but YouTube has now lowered the eligibility requirements, making it accessible to all channels. This move aims to foster deeper connections and more meaningful interactions between creators and their audiences.

But why?

  • Community Posts enable brands to engage with their audience in real time, sharing updates, behind-the-scenes content, or even conducting polls and quizzes. This kind of interaction can build a stronger community and increase viewer loyalty.
  • Brands can diversify their content strategy by mixing traditional videos with Community Posts. This variety keeps the audience engaged and provides multiple touchpoints for interaction.
  • By utilising Community Posts, brands can reach their subscribers more effectively, even if their videos don’t always appear in the subscription feed. These posts can serve as reminders or additional content that keeps the brand top-of-mind.
  • Mentioning other channels or collaborating on posts can create cross-promotional opportunities, helping brands tap into new audiences. This is particularly useful for partnerships and influencer marketing.

But how?

  1. Create
    • Sign in to YouTube, click on the “Create” button, and select “Create post.”
    • Choose to create a text, image, GIF, video, poll, or quiz post.
    • Customise your post with relevant content and hit “Post.”
  2. Schedule
    • Plan your content in advance by scheduling posts. This ensures a consistent presence and allows for strategic timing.
    • To schedule, create your post as usual, click the down arrow next to “Post,” select “Schedule post,” and choose your desired date and time.
  3. Engage
    • Respond to comments and encourage discussions. This interaction helps build a community and shows that your brand values its audience’s input.
  4. Interact
    • These interactive features can be used for market research, gaining insights into your audience’s preferences, or simply entertaining your subscribers.

So, what’s next?

YouTube’s efforts to integrate more social features indicate a clear direction towards becoming a more interactive platform. For brands, this evolution presents an opportunity to harness the power of video content along with social interaction to build stronger, more engaged communities. Learn more about recent improvements here.

By recognising YouTube’s potential as a social network, brands can enhance their content strategy and create more meaningful connections with their audience. So, if your brand is not yet utilising YouTube’s social features, now is the perfect time to start. If you’re ready to embrace the full spectrum of what YouTube has to offer, contact us today and watch your community grow.

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