Why our social curiosity certainly ain’t killing any cats


Firstly, it’s a bit of a stupid phrase really isn’t it – curiosity killed the cat. I’m sure some stupid cats have died but if we were curious enough to confront a moving car on a busy road then I am sure we would too…


If you ain’t moving then you are standing still. Another stupid phrase. I really have watched the Avaya video too many times this week, thanks guys, it was awesome (yes I know it’s old but did the rounds again and it’s still awesome).


Seriously though for a minute or two. As an agency one of the values we pride ourselves on, is that that apparently killed the cat.


Social moves at a rate of knots. Platform changes are happening daily – algorithms tweaked, new features added for the public, new features added for brands, new executions rolled out for advertisers, platforms are buying other platforms, platforms are integrating those platforms features. So how do we know if they are any good, how do we know if any of it even matters? We try it, that’s how…here’s a list of changes we’ve been toying with just in the last few weeks alone…


Facebook Live – various members of the team have been testing out the functionality setting up closed chats with each other from various locations. No doubt the functionality is awesome. It is also clear that the algorithm is prioritising the content in the news feed, which is further evidence of Facebook’s waged video war with the other platforms.


Optimum image size for cross platforms – bloody LinkedIn. Seems in the last few weeks they have tweaked their mobile app meaning that a number of brand assets are slipping outside of natural screen view. This time last week we had an optimum image size tested cross platform, cross device and we were .


Animated GIFS served as sponsored content through LinkedIn – haha we have found a way round this we think. GIFS can’t be posted natively into company profile updates in LinkedIn but we found a way the other week to get them through. No we have found a way to put paid behind them too. We are not tell you how though…. #sorrynotsorry


Twitter optimum copy length – more tweaks. Twitter have changed the length of a typical URL. Whether your link is longer or shorter all URLs will display at 93 characters. If you are including an image in your tweet this essentially means you have 100 characters to play with, rather than 100 we we working to a couple of weeks ago.


Facebook 20% rule change – my colleague Rob wrote a good blog on this earlier this week. This rule essential affects sponsored content and paid executions. Already deploying for our clients. Find out more here…


When you know, you know. Right? So that means when you don’t, you don’t! The last month has taught me that if you are not plugged into social you just don’t know…you might have read an article on it, sure, but you don’t know what it really means and how it affects you as a brand or your clients as an agency.


I have had so many encounters in the last few weeks where brands are asking to speak to ‘proper social specialists’. Not agencies who do it on the side, not consultants who have never actually delivered anything in social of note – proper live it, breathe it, get their hands dirty with real experience, specialists. No ballshit either – people who try things, learn from them and make stuff happen, better and cleverer than the last time.


Why not come and join us? We’re not killing any cats, but we are very, very curious and we’re proud of it too…

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