Why you need more than a social media presence

We LOVE social media at immediate future (you would certainly be surprised if we didn’t) but even we know that there is more to marketing than just being social. And even if you deliver terrifically engaging and converting campaigns, you still need more than just a social presence. Which ultimately means you need a kick-ass website that will attract and engage your audience. And here’s why.

Social Media is just ONE part of your marketing strategy

Your overall marketing strategy includes your digital presence, and although social media is part of this, it is not the whole thing.

A website provides your customers with more information about who you are, what you stand for, your brand story and even entertainment in the form of content, podcasts and blogs. Technically it also allows you to tap into PPC and SEO. If you’re focusing all your time and money exclusively on social media, then you’re probably missing out on other strategies that could be improving your traffic and conversions too. This includes options to sign up to an e-newsletter and consume and comment on blog content.

You need a permanent home

Social media is a fantastic way to connect to your customers on a deeper level and build relationships (like hanging out a party around the food and drink table!). But it doesn’t provide you with a permanent home for customers to visit when they want to know more about YOU.

A well thought out and attractive website will be the permanent residence that holds all your content and information to convert leads into customers. It also provides a place to send your social media traffic to, so that they can view or read about your products or check out your latest case studies.

Analyse and analyse again

It’s great that most social media sites come with basic analytics features but Google Analytics is the true top dog when wanting to know more. Social media analytics shows you what kind of people you are engaging with whilst Google Analytics can let you dive deeper.

This includes how long certain people are spending on your website, where they are going when they are there and whether they’re converting via the shopping basket. Pay closer attention and you can look at what keywords they are using which can then feedback into your Search strategy. Plus there is so much more data available to you (which gets our data and insights team really excited!).

It takes multiple touches to convert a person into a customer; a social media strategy in conjunction with a well thought through website will connect with your audience so you need to ensure that the investment and time across both is made.

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