Will there be an AI-pocalypse or can we make sure machines just do their jobs?


Terminator? No joke. It’s been used as a lazy, negative cypher for AI for years, but it’s now actually developing at visible speed and catching up to 80’s premonitions.

However, according to an article, Google’s DeepMind ‘has simple tests that may prevent AI apocalypse’. Phew. Hold off on sending a cyborg back to run for California Governor & stop Skynet.

What is DeepMind? It’s a British (take that, Silicon Valley!) AI company on ‘a scientific mission to push the boundaries of AI, developing programs that can learn to solve any complex problem without needing to be taught how.’ We’ve already seen how DeepMind mastered Chess & Go to spectacular effect. It’s a very quick learner.

So far, so good, but what’s it got to do with social? Well, it’s mostly about social media marketing.

Algorithms are constantly developing to best serve you the most relevant content on social platforms, AI will grow to power the majority of customer service interactions and chatbots, image recognition, data analysis and more will finely tune the way you produce and deliver a campaign.

The premise of self-learning machines has caused Elon Musk to publicly speak out in the past, so, in theory, it’s okay to try and get you to buy stuff, but driving cars for us or medically diagnosing patients? Too far, too soon?

For social, AI can help leverage unstructured data for marketers to use, and be heard above the noise. According to this recent Forbes article, there are six social areas on which AI has an impact including content creation & optimisation, and competitive intelligence.

There’s no doubt that AI is an amazing concept; it’s revolutionising lives through commercial/non-commercial applications, and is starting to deliver impactful results, but let’s hope that it remains in our hands.



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