Win-win with retargeting



Reporting back to senior management with low conversion rates can become the bane of one’s life. And then to top it off, you are probably working extremely hard to persuade for more budget towards your social campaigns. It’s 2017, and you shouldn’t have to battle to prove the success rates of your campaigns. If done correctly, it provides heaps of useful data, to the extent of delivering information about the customers who have shown an interest- ‘formerly connected’ with your brand online.

Using this data to its full potential is what retargeting is all about and that’s what we do here at IF – by strategically increasing exposure to customers who are already engaged, the chances for customers to convert is up by 70% – yes, you read that right! ( It really is just what it says on the tin: a reminder to the customers who’ve previously searched for your product or service and may just be in a better position to be converted.

Now, the question you are asking is how? How do we drive the customer in the right direction & further down that conversion funnel? Well here is a simple diagram to show you how it works:



Technicalities – Pixels

Don’t be fooled by the jargon. A pixel is simply a code added to your website which, by the way, is where this all starts from. The social platforms have different types of pixels, such as:

  • Facebook & Instagram’s Custom Audiences
  • Twitter’s Tailored Audience’s from the Web
  • Pinterest’s Visitor Retargeting
  • LinkedIn Insight Tag

The code then acts as a tracker, gathering information about your customers, their actions and where they are coming from. You can pick & choose what it is you want to be informed about- for example, you would like the information about the people who are visiting a micro-page on your website. This is called an audience- and where all the fun begins. If you can create an audience of a sizeable amount, the retargeted campaigns can be delivered specifically to them!!!!

It is baffling to see how little brands want to adopt this simple, yet highly effective form of marketing. Let us show you how to win with exceptionally targeted ads to potential customers!


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