Work BFF equals happy, motivated employees according to new LinkedIn study

A recent survey by LinkedIn has revealed co-worker friendships are key to employee happiness and a thriving workplace – having worked in previous jobs where the office banter was very much lacking, I can definitely vouch for these results!

The study of over 11,500 professionals around the globe aimed to shed light on a number of workplace issues such as loyalty, career development and performance.  Almost half of professionals perceived workplace friendships as an important part of their overall happiness – and this was even more pertinent amongst respondents between the ages of 18-24 with almost 60% admitting that their work friends gave them that warm fuzzy feeling.

Beyond this, developing a relationship with colleagues can do wonders to increase productivity, boost  motivation and can have occupational benefits to those who do develop a rapport with fellow colleagues – just think how much easier it is to communicate, share feedback and ask for advice when a bond exists!

Interestingly, the survey involved a comparative analysis of workplace relationships across 14 countries which revealed some powerful cultural contrasts. For example, in India, a third of professionals felt so strongly about their closest colleagues that they would even go as far as saying that they understood them better than their partners! Whereas in the UK, only 9% of UK respondents felt their closest colleagues understood them better than their friends.

So the next time you’re making yourself a tea/coffee, treat your colleague to one too and share the happiness – yay BFFs!



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