You have to sell your business to attract the right candidates

You have built your empire with blood, sweat and tears. You have a small, dedicated team who stand by you. They love working for you, they love the culture, the hours, pay, flexibility offered and the general working environment. So who wouldn’t want to work for you? Well it seems just about everyone. Why? They have no idea what they are missing out on.

Posting jobs on endless job boards and the response is a little underwhelming – I know that feeling! Contacting candidates that look great on LinkedIn, to have no-one reply to your message? What to do next?

If you have an urgent role, think about the time you are wasting and the cost to the business. If you need someone, like yesterday, consider using a recruitment agency – sometimes it is less expensive in the long run. But don’t sit back and wait for CVs to fly through the door from the agency.

Start thinking how to attract candidates, so next time you need to recruit – you already have candidates wanting to work for you. Social media is the best way to get your voice heard. Professional networking sites like LinkedIn are ideal, but especially sites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, as this is where a huge proportion of passive candidates are spending their time.

You don’t need loads of dosh to create a candidate following on any social site. You need time, energy and intelligent content – which all needs to be updated daily for continuity and trust building. Why should someone want to work for you? Because you offer flexible working. Let’s say you have an employee who works flexible hours and is an excellent employee, use them as a case study! ‘A day in the life of’, interview them, talk openly about what they do and how they do it and what the end result is for the business and for the individual.

Wall of Sound

Have team drinks every Friday and an early finish to top it off, publicise it, take pictures (decent ones) at your next Friday night out. Point out that you finish at 4.30pm and all go out, all these things are an intriguing proposition for your future employees.

Focus on the best employees you currently have, look at what they want, their lifestyles. And mimic this to ensure you are gathering the right audience for your business.

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