Your Weekly Social Media Snapshot

Search for your old tweets on Twitter

This week Twitter has made some important changes to its search options. Users are now able to search for old tweets via hashtag or keyword. Previously, search results could only be seen from one week ago, so this news will come as a relief for those who enjoy taking a trip down Twitter memory lane. So be careful what you tweet because it could come back to haunt you.

Valentine’s data crunch: the social low-down on this year’s trends

It’s that romantic time of year again where the champagne is popped and the heart shaped boxes of chocolates are given to that special someone. But have you ever wondered what people are really thinking when it comes to Valentine’s Day? Take a look at our blog on what people are tweeting about on this love it or hate it holiday.

Top UK Universities in Social Media

UK universities have been dabbling in social media for a while now and this week we looked at how they have engaged in the world of social. Our latest blog looks at the UK universities’ social media efforts and which top universities are getting social right. It identifies Oxford, Cambridge and Glasgow as having the most social success, using social platforms for many of the same reasons as other brands do, looking to engage with their target audience.

Buy it with a #Hashtag!

Twitter’s new partnership with American Express will now allow users to buy certain items with the use of a #hashtag. This bold venture into e-commerce with the card merchant gives a whole new sense of power to the hashtag key, which could prove to be particularly dangerous when it comes to online shopping! Take a look at our blog to find out more.

Social media laws

It has been reported that 81% of UK businesses have a social media policy in place. However, our recent blog looks into just how important it is to take it one step further, and integrate these policies and ideas into the company ethos. Click here to take a look and discover some great ideas on how to lift your social media policy off the page.

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LDFranklin, Heart Bokeh Texture 4 under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License

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