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By if-admin | March 1, 2013

Facebook after death
An article was released this week, regarding the heartbreaking wish to allow parents access to their deceased children’s Facebook accounts. Should we allow family members access without knowing the account users wishes? Or something that shouldn’t even be questioned? It’s difficult to say, but it looks like some parents aren’t going down without a fight! Take a look at our latest blog to find out more.

Is social media our new crystal ball?
This week it was all about the red carpet – the 85th annual Academy Awards. For anyone looking to catch up on the night’s events, social media is where it was all going down. Last year, social media was correct in predicting the award winners. With that in mind, can we use the world of social as a way of predicting absolutely anything? Is social media our new crystal ball? Check out the latest blog to find out more.

Twitter user’s shame Bulger murderers
Twitter landed itself back in the limelight this week due to an outbreak of pictures being released, which claim to name and shame the murderers of James Bulger. With the retweet button being clicked at a frantic rate, police were not going to get far in their intervention to stop these pictures going viral. Even removing them won’t stop people tweeting about them- the power and speed of social media is beyond anyone’s reach. Get the low down by checking out our latest blog.

LinkedIn beats Facebook to the number one spot
LinkedIn has made it all the way to the top! For those of you who are loving this social networking site, you will be pleased to hear that it has beaten Facebook to the race of becoming the most popular social media platform. It’s interesting to see just how well this networking site is doing against one of the largest and most popular social networking sites. It also goes to show just how important social media has become in the world of business.

Is everything becoming a social media “crisis?”
These days, everything appears to be labelled as a social media “crisis”. Take a look at the HMV “live-firing” incident as an example, was that really a crisis or simply an incident that provoked a flurry of tweets and some attention? Is it just simple for those involved in social media to classify such events as a crisis? Have a read of our blog, which takes a closer look into what a real social media crisis is.

Image courtesy of Disney ABC Television Group under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic license 

Image courtesy of Pixabay under a Creative commons Attribution- 1.0 Generic license

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