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4 detailed insights from a social media mock employment tribunal

Last week we teamed up with the legal firm Colman Coyle and presented the first social media mock employment tribunal. The fictional Tribunal was a great opportunity to gain an insight into how the law views social media. It was both fun and informative, with the racy topic seizing everyone’s attention. Some important points which were highlighted were: you do not just need a social policy in place; training is also very important; privacy in terms of social profile settings may be something which needs to be taught; social media knowledge can change tribunal outcomes and finally you need A LOT of evidence. Check out the blog to find out more.

The Anatomy of a Crisis Part Three: Followers Speak Louder than Words

We have released The Anatomy Of Crisis part three this week: Followers speak louder than words. This part focused on whether a social media incident could lead to positive results, featuring the recent Twitter hacks. Both McDonalds and Jeep had their Twitter account hijacked by a mystery avatar, sending a flood of questionable tweets. However did the brands actually suffer any damage over the hackings or did they in fact benefit?


Top Retailers opting out of email in favour of other channels?

This week we have taken a look at whether top retailers are opting out of email in favour of other channels. Some statistics which stood out were 21% of the top 50 retailers did not have an email sign up present on their homepage and 42% didn’t send a single email after subscription! Does this mean that larger brands are favouring their social channels to deliver targeted content? To find out and view the awesome infographic take a look at the blog.

3 ways to use Slideshare for B2B lead generation

This week we have explored how Slideshare can be used to generate great marketing qualified leads! Many people ask, ‘What’s the point?’ ‘Why bother with Slideshare?’ If you want to discover the reasons for using Slideshare click here. Within this blog you can view three brilliant suggestions to help you customise your Slideshare presentations in a way which will create new and exciting business opportunities. Don’t forget this is the second of two blogs on how you can create great results from Slideshare. To see the first blog on key characteristics that make Slideshare go viral click here.

Facebook advertising – Is it all it’s cracked up to be?

Is facebook advertising all it’s cracked up to be? Everyone seems to be at it, but are marketers actually taking a step back to ponder WHY they are actually running the advertising campaigns and what they hope to achieve? If marketers have a clear objective set they may realize that in actual fact the budget could be better spent to perhaps create a more engaging social media presence. Take a look at the blog for more information. 


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