Your Weekly Social Media Snapshot

By if-admin | February 8, 2013

Busy week? No stress. Here’s a short, sweet digest so you can round-off the week feeling up to speed.

5 things you need to know from the last week:

Instagram have made some changes, announcing that users can now view their full feed from the desktop version of the app. The new feature will closely resemble the mobile app appearance, moving Instagram one step closer to resembling a Facebook profile (who incidentally bought Instagram at the end of last year for a cool $1 billion!). Users won’t be able to directly upload pictures from the web as Instagram remain focused on real time images from mobile devices. Check it out!

The ever-evolving Facebook have announced that they are cobbling together a new app that will continually monitor mobile users’ locations. Scheduled for release in March, this new app will offer exciting location-based marketing opportunities.

Thanks to a crisis over at HMV headquarters last week, our blog reporting on the incident saw a record number of hits.  You can check it out here! HMV had a Twitter meltdown when a disgruntled ex-employee vented their anger via the company account with the Tweets going viral in a matter of minutes. Somewhat or a wake-up call for businesses to check up on the processes and policies in place around social media usage!

As most of you are probably aware, a new video-sharing app, Vine has been hitting the social media headlines over the past week. Take a look at how brands such as ASOS, Dove and Toyota have already been getting creative, posting their six second videos to Twitter. If you haven’t already heard of Vine, you can get the low down here.

This week we launched our benchmark study on social media and the law. Our findings show that over 68% have basic, beginners of no personal knowledge of social media law. Is your business protected against reputational, financial or legal risks? Download the report to find out more.



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