YouTube in a minute: Are you getting the most out of your videos?

2.7 million views. 100 hours a video. 1,388 channel subscriptions. A lot can happen in a minute.

We are of course talking about YouTube, the video sharing behemoth that is the third biggest website in a world and not only has millions of views every 60 seconds: it’s also raking in the cash. $10,654.49 is generated a minute from YouTube, which equated to a staggering $5.6 billion in 2013.

According to the infographic below, some of the most profitable channels on YouTube come away with $7 million a year, receiving 3.7 billion channel views in the process.

So how you can you earn a piece of the YouTube pie? Advertising aside, there are plenty of ways you can adopt to grow a YouTube channel organically. Here are just a selection:

Optimise your videos

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world (behind Google). Because of that, you want your videos to be found. Make sure you optimise your videos for search – add your top keywords in the description and title and be sure to add links back to your blog and/or website to continue to drive traffic back to your site.


So you have watched a great video on YouTube – what next? Annotations are a great way to take the user on the next step of their journey. Whether it’s going to Facebook to enter a competition related to the video, going behind-the-scenes on a blog article or downloading a whitepaper, be sure to use annotations on your videos to drive people from your YouTube channel to other owned social estates.

Get the most out of your videos

You may have a collection of great videos on your YouTube channel, but you need to proactively go out and drive traffic to them. Be sure to post your videos on a regular basis on social and your blog to drive traffic back to your channel, and increase engagement on your social platforms.


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