YouTube most viral videos of 2014 – what can be learnt?

Earlier this week YouTube announced its Top 10 most viewed videos of 2014.

Coming up in tenth place was the 10 Hours of walking in NYC as a woman showed the multiple harassments she undergoes in one day despite being very moderately dressed. It racked up 37.66m views since it was published in October.

In ninth place, published in May and with 41m viewers, was the Goku vs Superman intense battle rap. Followed by the Devil Baby attack by Devils DueNYC – a prank video showing an animatronic ‘Devil Baby’ rolling through the streets of New York scaring passers-by. This video raked in 49m viewers.

The Budweiser Super Bowl XLVIII Commercial portraying the love between a puppy and a horse received 53.68m views since January putting it in Seventh place.

Britain’s Got Talent Bars and Melody took 57m views, and taking the middle spot was the iPhone 6 Plus’s bending scandal by Unbox Therapy – accumulating 59.45m views.

All the way from Italy was the performance from sister Cristina Scuccia on Italy’s ‘the Voice’ – 66.36m views.

‘The First Kiss’ was fourth with 94.45m views – this video showed 20 strangers kissing (awkwardly) for the first time.

Next was Nike’s World Cup ad – created by Wieden + Kennedy this star studded video featured footballers including Wayne Rooney, Cristiano Ronaldo and many more accumulating 99.2m views

And in top position was the Giant Mutant Spider Dog by SA Wardega – this video showed a dog dressed as a giant spider and scared 114.25m viewers in 2014.

With YouTube ads coming in second place as the most preferred social media platform by advertisers these top ten videos can provide vital information for brands currently creating their 2015 YouTube adverts on how to get more views on videos

So what can we learn?

Common themes within these videos are:

  • Humour
  • Topical
  • Shock/scare factor

Using emotional content, whether that is in a scary or “mushy” way, will keep the audience engaged. Being topical using current TV programmes/sporting events etc, will increase chances of your videos being viewed. And finally, we clearly like seeing people get scared! Pranks and practical jokes will keep users watching and sharing.

Armed with these insights, we look forward to seeing more innovative videos in the New Year!

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