YouTube have had some great updates recently, from their new YouTube Studio with improved metrics, to their new dashboard. It seems they’re currently pulling out all the stops.

To add to the new Studio interface, this week they’ve announced the option to buy shorter, skippable ads through their new product, TrueView for Reach. Designed for reach-based campaigns to optimise for impressions and sold on a CPM basis, advertisers only have to pay YouTube if 30 seconds of the ad is viewed, or if the viewer clicks through. Like all TrueView ads (an ad format that gives the viewer options), you can skip them after 5 seconds of viewing. To put it simply, advertisers can maximise their video reach with shorter versions. They can be as short as six seconds but should not be over 30 seconds.

The 6-second bumper ad feature was launched on the platform in 2016. The aim of the bumper ads was to help raise brand awareness and capture consumer attention in a few seconds. TrueView for Reach will have a similar benefit, as well as maximising reach in general.

Users have been said to prefer existing TrueView ad formats as opposed to alternative in-stream ad formats as they have the ability to skip ads or select the ones they want to watch.

YouTube have claimed TrueView for Reach will help raise awareness and offer 95% viewability rates. During beta testing, 84 campaigns launched saw a 20% increase in engagement and 9 out of 10 experienced a notable increase in ad recall. Definitely one to test…

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