Looking for the latest sports game, music show or world event? YouTube’s Live feature never looked so good with video broadcasters connecting with fans during the moments that count!

With YouTube new updates, video creators now have the opportunity to select the ultra-low latency option when broadcasting. The new feature will bring us closer to real time interactions with viewers.

With only a couple of seconds of latency, broadcasters are able to answer fan questions and get viewers input faster than ever before and it’s easy to set up with no special software requirements or codes.


Now that your real-time activity is covered, what else does YouTube have to offer? Live chat messages are vital to building relationships with your fans, with YouTube’s new chat moderation tools it’s now easy-peasy to shape the tone of your conversations. Here’s the tools to play with:

  • Inline moderation: moderate your chat feed by holding the “alt/option” button to pause the feed. You can also delegate a moderator during your live chats
  • Review inappropriate messages: Chat messages will be held from posting on your streams until you approve, hide or report them
  • Share hidden user lists: allows moderators to use the same hidden users list across both the comments and live chat

YouTube is working hard to improve the user and video broadcasters experience with new features truly living up to the real time offering. Now is the time to get stuck in and build relationships with your viewers.

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