IBM: MQLs from social

Creating a new lead generation channel

With a sophisticated product, IBM Tealeaf’s challenge was to reach and connect with senior decision makers to generate marketing qualified leads (MQLs).

Detailed data informed platform choice

The client only wants to gain attention from senior buyers –directors and CXOs. A methodical audit of social platforms assessed member profiles, seniority, company size, activity and relevance. LinkedIn met the objectives. Amplification was supplemented by SlideShare and Twitter.

Generating social leads efficiently requires pinpoint focus

Using criteria that examined relevance, seniority, quality of discussion, member profiles, and reach, we identified the richest lead source groups. Following application of a scoring methodology for vibrancy (discussion, membership) and relevancy (function, seniority, topic), IBM Tealeaf joined 34 groups for the initial programme.

Shattering and optimising content

Social content was created from existing content  shattering topics into white papers, slideshares, infographics, and graphs. Using an optimisation framework, every interaction was measured. Visual content generated 76% more likes and posts with statistics delivered 58% more click throughs.

“494 leads were generated from 4,333 unique visits to the program microsite – in some cases the click-to-lead conversion was 20%. Over 40 leads were considered by IBM Tealeaf to be of the highest quality”

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