No Boring Finance

Breaking the Boring of the Financial Industry With Humour

If you’re a professional service brand or B2B brand, you know that standing out in a noisy, cluttered industry with innovative content can be a daunting, daunting task. And if you add the cynicism some industry professionals have towards typical fluffy B2B marketing content, it can feel like an endless headache.

Bottomline faced this very challenge in the finance industry. They wanted to increase brand awareness and establish their company as a trusted finance partner. But the question was… how can we be unique and break the social boring? How can we make people aware of our services and remember it?

Enter IF!

We created the “Just Get Paid” campaign for Bottomline, using humour to connect with finance managers. Our objectives were to be bold and reach busy, time-poor audiences, making them remember the brand among all the other content competing for their attention.

So, we produced a witty and provocative 32-second video with social media as a vehicle to reach the target audience when they were most likely to engage with the content. You know, something to have a little laugh in their sofas while they are just chilling. Something easy to digest, for a change. Something to make them think afterwards “I know who this brand is”.

The message was simple: strip all the jargon and fluff from marketing and focus on “Just Get Paid”. By using clever humour, smart animated video and precise pay targeting the campaign was able to achieve its objectives and make a lasting impression on the audience.

We made finance people sit up and take notice with our innovative and bold content, resulting in some truly standout results 👇

  • Over 18,000 social media engagements
  • 17,403 link clicks
  • Cost per result of $0.59.
  • Engagement rate of 1.76% – significantly above industry benchmarks
  • We even managed to achieve a 7% LinkedIn Video Completion rate, with 13,079 people watching the full video.

The “Just Get Paid” campaign reached an expected high-quality audience of 47,258 on LinkedIn and achieved an impressive 221,118 reach on Twitter with 883,448 impressions.

Who says finance can’t be exciting now?

Overall, the “Just Get Paid” campaign was a fun and innovative solution to a complex challenge, a great example of effective B2B marketing that shows how you can be bold, impactful, and memorable.

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