Cats Protection: black cats in the spotlight

Black cats – are they seen as unlucky? Are they boring? Are they just not Instagram-able enough?!

Cats Protection finds that black, or black and white cats take 13% longer on average to rehome, compared to cats of other colours. For the month of October every year, Black Cat Day is extended into four weeks – and in 2018, Immediate Future was tasked with helping them stand out on social media.

Filming high-quality footage, producing thumb-stopping creative, evergreen video content and multiple ways for the audience to get involved, we spiced things up with “50 Shades of Black Cat”, resulting in a 40% increase in mentions year-on-year.

Overall, our campaign content reached 1,900,899 (1.9M) people and received 59,521 engagements across both Facebook and Twitter, with an overall engagement rate of 3.13%.

“50 Shades of Black Cat was a fun new angle on our annual Black Cat Day campaign. It resonated really well with our audience, generating lots of engagement. The campaign performed brilliantly and we’re happy we managed to help so many new people see black cats in a new light!”

Gemma Croker, Digital Engagement Management, Cats Protection

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