RSPCA: Stopping puppy traffickers

Conveying difficult, emotional and time critical messages to secure exposure in social media.

The RSPCA approached immediate future to help raise social media awareness around puppy trafficking and to inform the public about the risks. The challenge we faced was conveying a difficult, emotional and time critical message on a small budget, whilst cutting through the seasonal media noise.

A hard-hitting campaign was devised which targeted families and those people most likely to buy a puppy at Christmas.

We worked closely with the RSPCA to commission a survey on the perceptions and opinions of those considering buying a puppy. And the results revealed that, sadly, many parents were willing to scour the internet in search of a ‘puppy bargain’.

We optimised posts outlining the shocking results and highlighting the dangers parents face by buying a puppy without checking relevant vaccination cards or vet details.

immediate future also commissioned an infographic which was issued to relevant pet and parenting blogs during the launch. The visual highlighted important statistics, providing a checklist of considerations before buying a puppy.

“Reaching potential puppy buyers and spreading the word via social media was the priority for this campaign. Our online communications was certainly enhanced by immediate future’s ability to achieve reach across Twitter and a wide range of blogs and national online news sites.”

Justine Pannett, Campaign Manager, RSPCA

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