Sanex: Celebrating skin on social

Creating positive and sustainable consumer conversations around fast moving consumer goods can be problematic. The Sara Lee brand, Sanex, sought to directly meet this challenge by marrying a powerful advertising campaign, ‘Celebrating Skin’, with complementary social media activity.

Taking ownership of the market 

A key aim of the ‘Celebrating Skin’ campaign was to take ownership of the ‘healthy skin territory’ across European markets. With little or no competitor activity embracing the digital arena, this was a perfect opportunity for Sanex to enhance its brand visibility online.

Identifying the opportunity

Interest clusters were first identified. These included a range of groups from photography, choreography and beauty blogs to forums on advertising, marketing and branding. Influencers were then targeted within these groups and were engaged using a range of inspiring creative assets, including a popular behind-the-scenes choreography video, detailing the dance vignettes orchestrated by renowned Cuban choreographer, Alex Verona.

Increasing brand share 

By engaging with Sanex’s target audiences and offering inspiring and exclusive creative assets, the campaign overall achieved an impressive increase in brand share from 4.3% to 8.5%. (Source: IRI Jan)

Audiences were teased through the initial phase of the campaign with glimpses and sneak previews of the advertising to come. This drove traffic to the Sanex microsite where content such as outtakes, behind the scenes footage and inspirational photography could be found.
Mark Slaughter, Sanex Global Marketing Manager

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