Episode 74: Serious Social – Should Brands Dump Twitter?

Episode 74: Serious Social – Should Brands Dump Twitter?

With 240M active users and the World Cup about to make a splash, is it time for brands to decide about their presence on Twitter. In this episode of Serious Social, Colin Jacobs and Katy Howell debate the ‘Musk’ debacle, the brand safety concerns, the issues over data, and the alternative social platforms for companies to consider. CJ and Katy bring 30 years of social media marketing expertise to this Serious Social session. Listen now and get advice on the direction you should be taking now, and how to plan for an unpredictable future with Twitter.

Whilst the Twitter chaos is taking up all the headlines, the big question for businesses is whether they should dump Twitter, or hang in there. There is much to debate, such as …..

🙀 Does Musk’s behaviour and the increase in hate speech and trolls cause a risk to your brand integrity? How should you tackle brand safety? At the very least you should be monitoring brand mentions 

😲 Should you leave altogether or just silence active posting or advertising? Do you have a plan for your exit, or do you risk abandoning customers? For many brands leaving is not an easy option if customers still use Twitter to communicate – especially around customer service

🫣 What are the alternatives? Where are your audiences going? Are they going? And will The World Cup bring them back?

Listen to this podcast and find out!

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