Drag Queens, Doughnuts and Dogs on a shoot… crazy? Well, it was very 2020 of us.

Our pop culture campaign, This Is Not A Drag Race entertained in order to reach a younger car-buying audience who weren’t aware of the Auto Trader brand. Achieving over 5m impressions on a limited budget and timescale, and with the media world mainly in ‘shut down’, our content quenched a thirst for fun in summer 2020 and helped Auto Trader support their diversity goals.

Auto Trader needed a step-change in their content in order to grow brand awareness beyond their existing audience – they chose immediate future because we break the social boring!

“A massive thank you for all your hard work and dedication on what was a challenging but rewarding project. It’s humbling how much we achieved while the world was (and is) upside down, and I feel proud to have worked alongside you all in making it happen.” – Laura McNally, Head of Content and Social Media, Auto Trader UK

We revved up the audience:

  • 5.4m impressions
  • 21k interactions
  • 90k video views
  • +7% followers (all platforms)
  • Average engagement 3.17%

Through our paid campaign, we actively excluded existing followers and limited reach to a specific age range to achieve 4.8m impressions from a brand-new audience, in some cases, smashing preconceptions of what an auto brand “is”.

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