How you crush Christmas this summer

How you crush Christmas this summer

Ho Ho Ho! Christmas is trending this summer. Whaaaaat!

It turns out it’s not just a spike of memes or jokes across a few days.  In fact, over the last 90 days in the UK, there have been 525K mentions of Christmas on social according to Brandwatch. An astonishing 1423% up on the previous 3 months – which actually includes December and Christmas last year!

Download the report and uncover:

  • The insight that tells you why value is more than discounts, why the me-gift is big and why frictionless social to sales is essential this year
  • Discover the topics and themes that will build your brand now and ensure you are on the gift list come Christmas buying
  • It’s not just the data that identifies the marketing gems, the report includes insights in to what you can do now, next and in the festive period to optimise performance and deliver a return

Short and packed full of insight, this report gives you everything you need to tap into the christmas summer trend and into the festive period

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