Insurance spins fast on social

The insurance industry has had a roller-coaster ride in 2020, when it comes to social.

From Brexit and government announcements to Covid impact, insurance companies have had to bend and flex their digital presence, messaging and marketing campaigns.

This latest report looks at search and social in a deep, deep dive into the pandemic impact and how insurance brands can make an impact quickly. It looks at:

  • A share of voice review of the big 10 insurance companies

  • How longtail surges change the search game and why customer experience extends across channels

  • The unsettled social that is a whirl of emotions, cries for clarity and triggers that motivate social posts

  • The detail on who is winning the messaging battle when it comes to renewals

The report looks at a wide range of insurances from car and travel through to life and business. It is a must read for anyone in insurance who wants to make an impact across search and social.

Want a taste of the report finding? Then you can take a peek at the first few pages. Or download the full report with brand analysis, by completing the form.

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