Uncover this year’s summer food and drink chat on social

Uncover this year’s summer food and drink chat on social

Summer Food [and Drink] Trends on Social Media

The sun is finally out. It’s time to get out in the fresh air for some alfresco food and drink.  From picnics to BBQs, we’re getting out (rain or shine) to enjoy the great outdoors.

What will be hot this year in food and drink?

This report looks at summer eating and drinking trends in the UK:

  • We’ll uncover if the pandemic changed behaviours forever, or have we reverted to a time before lockdowns?
  • Is the current cost of living causing shoppers to think twice about their favourite brands or make choices based on cost alone?
  • Will picnic ready snacks be the talk of park outings, or will we see a rise in the non-alcoholic garden party?
  • Why is it all about the spice and pickle this summer, and how do social consumers talk about the rise of meat-free alternatives?

Using Brandwatch intelligence platform, we gathered UK data from social media platforms, blogs, forums and review sites, to identify what is likely to trend on social and beyond!

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