Technology CMO Outlook Report

You know, reports and benchmarks can only tell you so much. Right now, we need to get into the detail. Add the flesh on the bones of marketing plans, trends, and new ways of focusing on company growth with efficient marketing (often on smaller resources than a few years ago).

That’s why Copy House and immediate future joined forces to engage some of the brightest marketing minds in technology to understand how they helped navigate the challenges of 2020; whilst unlocking business value and opportunity.

Find out how tech CMOs from prominent brands like Adobe, Worldpay, Siemens, and SAP shape the future of marketing. We asked all the gnarly questions to give you insider secrets, the plans and the challenges of some of the leading technology businesses.  You’ll discover 50+ pages of in-depth insights revealing:

  • The five big trends CMOs tell us will build a ‘growth powerhouse’ for technology brands

  • How CMOs are tackling the shift in marketing that prioritises digital customer relationships and the nuances of relevance at scale

  • Why many large brands have the Martech stack on hold and under review and how they are approaching new ways of working

  • What practices in virtual and hybrid events fail, and how CMOs plan to support sales with alternatives to trade events

  • Why turning to social media and content marketing scaled up their marketing efforts at lesser costs. And most importantly, how the tech brands are honing in on the quality that resonates with customers

This is a hefty report. It not only examines what has changed in the last year but reveals the fundamental shifts in technology marketing that will be with us for years to come: all in the words of the CMO.

Complete the form to download the report immediately, then grab a coffee as you dig deep into the thinking behind some of the most significant tech marketers’ plans in the industry.

  • Technology CMO Outlook 2021

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