Cutting through 12 million conversations to reach senior buyers




Your most senior decision makers are on social. A lot. In fact 99.6% of them use social media, some of them more than 4 hours a day.

It seems that the Tech C-suite isn’t just social-savvy, he (and yes, it is mostly men (78%)) is younger, more mobile and way more cynical than their peers in the boardroom.

This is one audience tech brands want to reach. The audience where 70% are the decision makers and the rest influence the purchase.

So we took a look at who they are, what they talk about and what motivates them. And produced a report which digs into the detail to help brands understand what makes this audience unique, where they should spend their hard-earned marketing budgets and how to trigger interest that in-turn becomes the lead.

There is real detail in this report. Even a deep dive into how they behave on Twitter and uncovered something even stranger – they spend time on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, talking business. More time than they spend on LinkedIn.

And we have the proof too. Having run multiple B2B Tech campaigns on Facebook that delivered multimillion pound pipeline results: well, we know it works.

This is just one of the hidden gems in this report. Wait until we tell you about why they don’t comment much, or what drives a share or a like. Oooh, and why 64% say watching video makes them more likely to buy.

It will help you make a business case for why your social activity needs to be both branding-led and demand gen. Where it fits with your ABM programmes and how it can help you through a major bid.




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