Step into the 3rd dimension: 3D design

Step into the 3rd dimension: 3D design

So we’ve talked about design trends on here before at the beginning of the year, and now that the summer solstice has been and gone and we’re halfway through the year, maybe it’s time to refer back to this piece and take another look at one of the trends that were predicted to take over our feeds in 2023: 3D design.

            So what is 3D design? How’s it being used in the social media marketing space and why is it taking off in 2023? Once considered solely the preserve of big-budget Hollywood studios, now with programmes like blender being free to use or more accessible than ever, the bar for entry has never been lower. With this new level playing field, artists and brands alike are using it to capture people’s imaginations and their attention.

            I think it is taking off on social media because it’s fresh, new and exciting. As this article puts it,

“According to digital marketers, today’s average consumers see about 5,000 advertisements daily….With this kind of competition, companies wishing to make themselves visible to consumers must come up with an updated marketing strategy to compete. 

Fortunately, technology evolves. And as it evolves, so do its uses in different sectors, including marketing and advertising. Among the marketing trends that have been making waves recently is three-dimensional (3D) modelling in advertising.”

Examples of 3D Design

A great example of 3Ds use in advertising would be this colourful little number from Samsung.This uses 3D to create more abstract spaces that illustrate the emotions they want you to feel from their products.

Another good example is this series of channel 4 idents, which uses compositing techniques to take separate snippets of film and turn them into one long tracking / zoom shot, with a 3d design render of the iconic ‘4’ included for good measure, ace stuff!

This last one really grabbed everyone’s attention. Although technically it’s an example of OOH advertising, the definitely went viral all over our feeds. Talk about using imagery to excited and engage! The 3-D designed cat actually appears to come out of the screen at you.

If today’s blog post has inspired you to make some fresh 3d designs, then look no further than blender’s download page. Blender is a completely free 3d design software where you can create world – beating 43d animations ( disclaimer: it’s harder then it looks!)

If you’d like to talk to us about 3d design, or anything else social-media related you can get in touch with us over on the IF website. See you next time!

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