AI… Stickers?

IG, AI, JKLMNOP… Kidding kidding, kinda.

Instagram is testing out the ability to generate AI custom stickers based on text prompts.

The idea is that people will be able to create these custom stickers using generative AI technology, making the stickers shareable within instagram as a way to boost engagement, whilst also using Instagrams in built tools.

A little sneaky peek at what this would look like in the app as seen by Alessandro Paluzzi;

An interesting idea and I’d be intrigued to see how these stickers actually turn out. Would it mean that social media stickers will all start looking the same? How detailed will you be able to go? And can *anyone* use this tool?

I’m sure we’ll be seeing many more AI tools for social media asset creation pop up soon, as is the case with TikTok’s AI avatars, which we wrote about recently.

Is this a trend that we’re perhaps getting sick of? It’s reminding me of the days of Facebooks profile photo overlays and frames.. remember when they were a thing?

I’m sure Zuckerberg will find ways of adopting even more AI generative tools into Meta.

And here is where I ask you, dear reader, what do *you* think about AI instagram stickers?

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